The Lianito IdolThe Animist people of the Visayas region worshiped a time god known as Kanlaon/Laon, equivalent to the creator god Bathala of the Tagalogs. He was the supreme deity in the Visayan pantheon, but relatively distant. In order to bridge the gap, the ancient people replaced mediators such as nature based minor deities, diwatas(fairies and elementals) and anitos(ancestral spirits) who are supposed to dispense blessings and abundance on a family or society.

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A new study conducted at the University of Tunis El Manar, Tunisia, has tried to answer these questions. Researchers said that regret is a cognitive emotion people regulate the way they regulate any other emotions. «They engage in self regulation process Self regulation refers to the process by which people initiate, adjust, interrupt, terminate, or otherwise alter actions to promote attainment of personal goals, plans, or standards» the study stated..

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