7), 3 pointers in a game (12), 3 pointers in a career

Redford also ranks in the Top 10 in MHSAA history in points in a quarter (27), points in a season (953), points per game in a season (36.7), 3 pointers in a game (12), 3 pointers in a career (314), free throws in a season (208). The Frankenmuth guard won the 2008 Mr. Basketball Award and was named the 2008 Gatorade Player of the Year..

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She has four grown children, two of which have served in the Air Force, and she has eight grandchildren. Rhonda has been a CNA, direct service provider, caregiver for the elderly and developmentally disabled adults for 20 years. She has volunteered time to the Coastal Bend Food Bank, other local fundraisers.

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Alloy’s chief executive Jared Della Valle believes natural gas dependent buildings will become as outdated as steam pipes or copper phone lines. «It’s a matter of retraining the industry retrain a blue collar workforce to be a green collar workforce and consider the performance of a building,» he notes. A major need, many developers add, is a grid that can supply NYC buildings with the renewable energy they’ll need to meet emission goals..

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