Every year, Nav buys thousands of tickets and donates them to underprivileged children from his community along with other visible minorities to promote togetherness. He also picks one game every season in April to promote Sikh culture by celebrating the Punjabi festival of Baisaki. At that game, Nav showcases Indian song and dance, while recognizing the birth of the Sikh faith over 300 years ago..

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MOU boots are also preferred for their offbeat back to nature feel and eclectic styling. Mmmhh, the perfect choice for the festive season. You can never go wrong or feel old fashioned with MOU boots. Durban is an important conference. As much as the parties involved try to downplay its importance, COP17could go a long way to forming the detailed frameworks required for a future climate deal. This includes capacity building to ready ourselves for the impacts of climate change we know are coming, essential details on funding climate finance, and working out how technology can be transferred from high income countries to low income countries to allow sustainable development and protect the population from the worst effects of climate change.

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