As the fragrance market became more lucrative

Fashions change, year after year. So girls try to adopt the latest fashion. For this, the brides dress, shoes, cosmetics, jewelry, and mehandi designs should be classy and up to date. Traditionally fragrances were signatures to either the fashion or the perfume houses and new releases were spasmodic as users of the fragrances had a brand loyalty. The signature fragrances became synonymous not only to the producers but also to the wearer of the perfume. As the fragrance market became more lucrative, designers inevitably applied the laws of fashion releasing fragrances seasonally with limited editions.

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Sweetheart wedding dresses are evening dresses characterized by a sweetheart neckline. This type of design involves two curves over the bustline, which drop down to meet at a point in the midline between the two breasts. The heart shaped neckline covers the breast line but also accentuates the breasts, and is considered both graceful and alluring.

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