ESPN reports that Silver said the league is exploring allowing fans in a 15 20% capacity for the upcoming season.»Assuming a vaccine isn’t coming any time soon, are there things we can do in our arenas where maybe we can’t have 19,000 people, but maybe we can have 5,000 people?» Silver told players on a conference call, via ESPN. «Maybe we can have 8,000 people? Maybe there are protocols allowing for it?»At least 2 survivors in Pakistani airliner crashNew York’s one day virus death toll drops below 100Saturday Sessions: The Lone Bellow performs «Wonder»Yahoo Newsis a bad practice Doctors question FDA protocol for plasma treatment of coronavirus patientsIn its understandable rush to make convalescent plasma available, the FDA did not mandate that blood banks test the blood they collect for the very coronavirus antibodies that make the treatment promising. Of the three levels of testing donated blood for antibodies, only the least rigorous and hence the least wholesale jerseys exact is mandated.

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