Being a good person is what counts

[1]Abuse of Exempt (Salary) status Is it legal to pay employee partial cash What are the laws regarding per diem when working out of town? Is it illegal for an employer to forbid you from working another job? Can the school district make me salaried, when I am paid hourly? Are part time employees supposed to get overtime pay? My employer won’t let me return to work. What are my rights? Demoted with no logical reason What constitutes an «unsafe work environment»? Terminated for getting hurt at work Can a person chrged with a crime and not convicted be denied employment? Possible HIPPA violation? Is any compensation owed to me? Ga Live in Hotel employee What happens and where does the info go when you fail a random drug screen for a non How do you report UC fraud in Pennsylvania? Need info on wrongful termination suits against Wells Fargo Bank If you are an exempt employee that is currently out of paid time. Can you be docked How to get alcohol out your urine? Minimum wage laws for live in hotel employees Salaried employee required to work Saturdays for free Family Medical Leave Wrongful Termination I am a salaried employee and often work 12 16 14hr days in a row with no day off.

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