Chrysler’s last small car, the Dart, barely made it to first base. That leaves this Elantra to do battle with the Civic and Corolla. This Sport model, along with the regular sedan, and the Ioniq hybrid derivative, give Hyundai plenty of ammunition for a long, contested battle for compact car shoppers..

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I got texts and emails afterward: ‘I can’t believe it. What an incredible gift. We’re so honored and privileged to be recognized in that way.'». Speaking to Octagon interviewer and UFC lightweight contender Paul Felder, Overeem said, got cut, first round Walt a strong guy. It five rounds, it the main event, and I well prepared for that. To ESPN Stats Info, Overeem joined Aleksei Oleinik as the only fighters on the UFC roster to win MMA fights in 4 different decades, dating to the 1990s..

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