Levine spent two years on the Green Bay Packers practice squad after going undrafted out of Tennessee State, and even earned a Super Bowl ring in 2010. But he didn’t make his NFL debut until 2012 with the Ravens. Nicknamed «Co Cap» as a tribute to his special teams oversight, Levine has become a valuable contributor and versatile defensive back for the past eight seasons, recording two interceptions, four sacks, a forced fumble and 130 tackles in 114 games..

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But it really is hard from going from «it’s mine» to «it’s yours.» It’s a night and day thing. I had been so spoiled. Since my first job in 1965, it was my way or the highway. «When you have somebody who has the mindset, ‘This is a website I use. I want to help,’ that’s the kind of people you want. You’re always going to have people who are nefarious or malicious, and they’re going to be trying to do those on their own.

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