Orbs With and Without Supporting EvidenceProving the authenticity of a photograph is critical to orb credibility. Kenneth Harmon makes an extraordinarily compelling case for orbs in his book, Ghost Under Foot: The Spirit of Mary Bell. Both digital and 35mm cameras took photographs at night and during the day.

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wholesale jerseys They aren paid a salary for serving in the Legislature, and most of them are either retired or have careers that allow them to take a break to travel to Santa Fe for legislative sessions, often hundreds of miles from home.But a proposed constitutional amendment awaiting action in the Senate aims to broaden the pool of people who could serve and perhaps limit potential conflicts from outside employment by clearing the way for lawmakers to draw a salary.Senate Joint Resolution 7 calls on the new State Ethics Commission to establish salaries for elected state officials and judges, starting in 2023. The independent ethics agency would determine whether lawmakers should draw a salary and, if so, how much.New Mexico is the only state where legislators don collect a salary, though lawmakers are typically paid thousands of dollars a year in per diem and reimbursements. They can also participate in a retirement system that provides a pension.Legislators collect per diem pay during the session and for attending meetings, along with reimbursement for some expenses wholesale jerseys.