But these tax deferrals are often much more valuable

facts about polar bears and their conservation

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Sam Lafferty and Kris Letang scored for Pittsburgh, which lost its second straight. Matt Murray made 22 saves. The Penguins played mostly with five defensemen. Reason for the discrepancy lies with our progressive income tax system combined with income tested government benefits. In theory, a workplace pension plan allows current workers to defer income as well as tax on that income to a time, later in life, when we are not working and presumably our tax bracket would be lower. But these tax deferrals are often much more valuable to higher earners.

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BehaviorsPolar bears are not like other bears, they aren’t territorial. Their reputation is a voraciously aggressive animal but in truth they are cautious and don’t like confrontation. Most of the time they decide to run or escape rather then fight.

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