In addition to assessing mental health status, the survey asked respondents how much confidence they had in our leaders to steer the country through the pandemic. Approximately 30% said they had lot or confidence in the president, while 43% have no confidence or confidence. The same question about their governor, 63% said they had confidence in him or her, while 13% said they had little or no confidence..

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Last year, DoorDash acquired Caviar for $410 million. Now the pool is set to consolidate yet further. Uber which in the past has been accused of deceptive business practices is in talks to purchase Grubhub for about $6 billion. (A small explanation is due here: the Louisiana Territory was ruled for decades by France and Spain before becoming an American territory in 1803. When the United States bought the Louisiana Territory from France, the area contained many French subjects and French customs. Spanish coins were legal tender in the US right up to 1857.).

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