The Red Wings were consistently contenders throughout the 1950s and early 1960s but began to slump in the late 60s. When Howe turned 40, in 1967, the league expanded from six to twelve teams and the number of scoring opportunities grew as the game schedule increased. Howe played the 1968 69 season on a line with Alex Delvecchio and Frank Mahovlich.

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Tyner seemed as good as new Thursday rushing for 124 yards on 13 carries for two scores. «A healthy Thomas helps everybody out,» Helfrich observed, adding, «It helps Marcus, it helps Royce, it helps Byron be truly versatile and not have to lean one way or the other as far as a game plan approach.»Less than two minutes is all Florida State would need to respond storming 70 yards, primarily on the ground, finishing a minute thirty drive on a Karlos Williams 10 yard run up the middle. Mariota seemed off his game in the first half and on the resulting drive, the 2014 Heisman Trophy winner threw an interception to defensive back Nate Andrews, only Mariota’s third of the year.

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