And there’s Obama’s oft noted yen for protectionism: ‘Buy America’ and the like. Protectionist twitches. But Burney and others point out that, in a Romney presidency, we’ll likely see less of them. It also blamed poor property market conditions for a more than $100 million shortfall in expected revenue from contributed assets. The statements showed actual revenue for the financial year was about $63 million lower than predicted in the June budget, while expenses were up more than $100 million. A spokeswoman for Mr Barr said the deficit would not negatively impact future years bottom lines.

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canada goose clearance «Unfortunately, over the same time we had record revenue, we had debt escalate at a very quick rate,» he said. The government will be keenly awaiting the release of the Commonwealth Grants Commission review into GST sharing arrangements, which is due in March.Forward estimates have also taken a hit with the territory expected to return to a wafer thin surplus of $9.6 million in 2021 22, revised down from the $135 million projected in last year’s budget.The deficit blow comes after financial statements released last year revealed the $43 million surplus promised in last June’s budget never eventuated. The territory ended the past financial year $118 million in deficit.Mr Barr defended the new spending that contributed to deficit and said the ACT economy remained in a strong position on the back of stable population growth, increasing employment opportunities, strong demand for goods and services and health export performance.The summer fires and smoke could have significant implications for the ACT budget. canada goose clearance

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