«Peter was a really good cook and I tried souvlaki for the first time because of him,» says Anderson. «It was marinated and cut by hand, and he made his own tzatziki. The garlic was so strong, it would hit you when you opened the fridge. «I’m worried about people falling for unsubstantiated, uncorroborated conspiracy theories that frankly have no basis in fact that we know of,» Sen. Mitt Romney (R Utah) said. «And of course it’s a big party with a lot of people who have different points of views, but I’m convinced that Republican principle will remain steady even though we’ve taken a departure from time to time.».

It was not the sort of game the 34 year old center wanted to miss. While others point to his age, he said he wants to play «in every game.» Until last night, Stastny’s only concession to age was missing some workouts on game days. «He doesn’t like it,» coach John Cunniff said.

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