«The damage to reputation may not matter to few of us, but there are thousands of young Indians who may get impacted in coming months/years for such available loss of job opportunity. It must be understood that world appreciates people who stand up and face the adversity. A soldier who leave the war midway to return home, is never really counted as a hero,» Singh exhorted the staff..

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Coach Dan Lumpkin plans to rotate at least eight players each game, with juniors Katie Ellington (5 7) and Ellie Kintz (5 7) and sophomore Kendal Thrush (5 11) expected to play key roles off the bench. Lumpkin expects his new look group to grow during the nonleague portion of the season and to contend for a playoff spot by the time February rolls around. He believes the Pacific Conference will be strong at the top but that nobody will be invincible on a given night..

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