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nba cheap jerseys Requested: Yes: Hiii can you make one where you really close with the Penguins players they invite you to practice with them and James Neal (let just imagine he still a penguin okay? If not it can be Sid) starts flirting with you and Geno gets mad, storms to the locker room and you follow him and he confesses his feelings for you? Lots of fluff please, highkey in love with your writing by the waySummary: You go to their practice and James Neal flirts with you, Geno gets mad and you go to calm him down where he confesses his feelings for youHis smile fades and a look of panic replaces it. Don worry Jakey, I brought your tape. On my day off freaking out because he only had of a roll of tape left, begging me to bring him another roll.I hear laughter and look up to see James Neal smirking at me.He skates closer to me, leaning one arm against the ledge of the wall.I feel like I getting hit on in a bar by the smooth moves he using.quite a special kid, isn he? He asks.alright, I shrug, watching Conor Sheary pull my roommate onto the ice.don know how you put up with him all of the time.It interesting to see how half of the guys (like Crosby) are doing drills or practicing shooting, but the other half of the team (like Jake) is wrestling on the ice, trying to pin each other down.does have a lot of cool xBox games, James agrees. nba cheap jerseys cheap nba Jerseys china Article Sidebar Share CloseShare this Story:, Games 51 60: Edmonton Oilers are a one man team, you say? Not so fast! Copy Link Email Facebook Twitter Reddit Pinterest LinkedIn TumblrArticle contentIf there’s one reputation the Edmonton Oilers have had a hard time shaking, it’s that the team’s fortunes start and end in the high scoring hands of scoring ace Connor McDavid. With good reason, of course: the whiz kid has done nothing but produce points on a consistent basis since entering the NHL in the fall of 2015. And yet his club has lost the plot time and again, missing the playoffs in three of his first four seasons.. cheap nba Jerseys china

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