Why does all this matter? Because Aajonus Vonderplanitz is both the most vocal accuser of Sharon Palmer and James Stewart as well as someone who met with the Ventura County District Attorney’s office and gave them information. Following this, Ventura County pressed criminal charges against Sharon Palmer and James Stewart. Some of those charges are «financial crimes» stemming from Sharon’s inability to repay investors.

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Like upcoming series, other details of HBO Max are still being worked out. It’s been announced that HBO Now subscribers who are billed directly through HBO, Apple or Google Play will get instant access to HBO Max when it launches, for no extra cost. Viewers who get HBO through AT TV, DirecTV, AT U Verse, Hulu or Spectrum will also get no extra cost access to HBO Max.

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He was still a bit queasy from a tainted submarine sandwich he had eaten on Saturday afternoon. Monday.»I’d like to celebrate with a (beer), but I’m afraid it would come back up,» Sutcliffe said. «I haven’t had anything to eat since Saturday, so I’d better stick to Gatorade.»Cleveland starter Charles Nagy didn’t allow a runner past first base until the fifth inning, when Baltimore scored its runs.

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