Off ice, he has a gentle demeanour and takes great pride in being a stay at home dad. He is a self admitted late bloomer having started playing hockey at 6 years old, but not really getting good at the game until he was 16 years old when he made the AAA Midget Buffaloes. Initially told that he was too slow, his grit and determination to improve paid off and he was drafted in the third round in the 1992 NHL Entry Draft by the New Jersey Devils.

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The refs know he’s lazy as they’re always calling him on it. He gets ZERO breaks, because he has earned this reputation over HUNDREDS of games.He disappears for a week, often.Semin has really done little to propel us through the playoffs. I watched him «glide around» in game 5 at home.

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My uncle was an engineer. I had a conversation with him about the challenges women face working in the industry, (I was already aware of that having worked on concrete crews) and going back to school. I know he had his doubts since he knew my struggle with math.

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