Well said, Michael Scott. That’s the perfect way to introduce For The Win’s tribute to The Office, the NBC comedy that celebrates the 15th anniversary of its premiere this week (March 24). For the show that still so embedded in American and internet culture, we’ll break down everything from the best sports moments to the best couples.

I agree completely here, especially regarding replacement costs. I think «the bottom» is just exaggerated at this point because there are a lot of scared and/or delusional buyers who think the market will keep tanking drastically for the next three years until houses will be near free. On paper, Atlanta shouldn’t tank that much further because the rent/buy ratio is actually quite strong for buying.

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Some Algonquians joined the British and learned the European ways. Others melted into the forest to go to fates that no one knows today. There is only so much we can know from a people who had no written history. Every Monday join our «cooking class.» We discuss cooking terms, techniques, recipes, and whatever else you can think of that might relate to food. (We’ve even made our own pet food). It is different from Sustainable and Organic food as it about the travel time of the Produce from the farm to the food service establishment.

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The Rangers, like the Flyers and most teams in the division, have been streaky, losing seven of eight early in the season and later winning six in a row. The Islanders’ defense is the worst in the NHL. Carolina has had a pair of four game losing skids, and winning streaks of three and four games..

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