It’s a pretty awesome place right by Lake Michigan. I was the oldest of six kids. We were all homeschooled growing up so that’s a little bit there of my background. The Associated Press reports on Reade’s childhood, where Reade said she was abused by her father. Senate with Reade and described throwing up upon hearing the accusation, did not initially mention that in an interview last year. This friend «confirmed Reade’s original, limited account of harassment by Biden.

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And so she did, envisioning him first as an elegant gentleman holding a glass of red wine. It’s this painting that makes Nordland weep when he sees it, perhaps because it suggests a version of himself he once yearned to be. Soon that idealized veneer will be stripped away; a later painting reveals Nordland’s tougher but more vulnerable self, his muscular chest covered with tattoos (including one that reads «Snitchers Are a Dying Breed»).

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