«I’ve been ready for three years,» he said. «I’ve been denied for three years. We all know why. Last week, he met with top White House adviser Jared Kushner to tout cannabis banking as a tool for economic recovery, said a friend of Gardner’s and two lobbyists.»I think it’s dangerous if the narrative is out there that Gardner is bad on cannabis, because it would turn cannabis into a partisan issue. And it isn’t right now,» said Sal Pace, former Colorado House Democratic leader and board member of the Cannabis Voter Project. Polling data shows that roughly two thirds of Americans support marijuana legalization, including a majority of Republicans.»Any suggestion that Gardner has pivoted on this stance is misguided,» Gardner campaign spokesperson Cheap Jerseys from china Meghan Graf said.Gardner’s campaign declined to make him available for an interview for this story, but encouraged a number of emissaries from the cannabis industry to reach out to POLITICO and make the case for his value as an industry ally.In 2018, Gardner and Hickenlooper both left their mark on the cannabis industry.

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