The company said it saw a «significant reduction» in ad prices and demand in the last three weeks of March. It declined to give revenue guidance for the rest of the year, but said in the second quarter so far, it has seen «signs of stability» in the first three weeks of April. Ad revenue during this time has been flat compared with the year ago period, Facebook said..

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wholesale jerseys You can unsubscribe at any time.Thank you for subscribingWe have more newslettersShow meSee ourprivacy noticeThe former Wales international asked the Health Secretary why grassroots football hasn’t been allowed to return in the country like other sports have since social distancing measures were slightly lifted last week.And he also highlighted why tennis players, golfers and athletes are able to receive one on one Cheap Jerseys china coaching sessions but young people who play «the working class game of football» are currently not allowed to.Read MoreGet our free Liverpool FC app on your phone»Look, I absolutely get the impact of this virus on people’s lives and the mental health impact,» Mr Hancock said in response to Savage’s questions.»For many people being able to play football is a huge a realise and a really positive thing.»The rules are there, and of course they can go out and exercise, but doing that with members of your own household or on your own is nothing like to play football.»I get it and I understand why it is a problem but, unfortunately, these rules have to be place amongst the population as a whole because we have got to get a grip of this virus.Read MoreTim Cahill believes Everton have found the key to Champions League»And it is only by the more people following it the faster we will get the number of new cases down and the more we will be able to realise social distancing rules.»Before Professor Chris Witty added: «I fully understand the reason for the question and to reinforce your point, exercise of all sorts is good for your health and mental health.»And that is one of the reasons why we was very keen in the tentative lockdown to make it easier for people to do things outdoors, and if within the same household, a kick around with a football is fine.»The difference, and this is one of the issues we need to think about, it is about trying to realise where we can, and not take the risk where we actually start having the transmission once again.Read MorePremier League could show games for free after government confirm talks»We were very confident it is much safer to do the same things outdoors than indoors. That is the first thing.»As you know, except for someone in your household, it is another person within two meters. And that is a small increment from where we are.»It is possible to play the kind of sports you are on about, two meters apart with one other person.»Clearly a league football game that is a contact sport and includes a large number. wholesale jerseys

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