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«We’re all trying to learn more about it,» said the manager. «Not just MLB, but what they are trying to do to stop this in the country and worldwide. Some players are more comfortable about this than others. Let us close our eyes and become aware of our breathing the air entering our nostrils and then as it leaves our nostrils. Don’t analyze what is happening and don’t try and manipulate our breathing, we should just be observing and be aware as the breath goes in and as the breath goes out. According to Indian meditation tradition as the breath goes in we mentally say the word So and as the breath leaves our nostrils we mentally say the word Hum.

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He was a tremendous pitcher for us, especially down the stretch when he won two of our last three games, including a 10 inning game where he pitched 5 scoreless innings of relief. No moment is ever too big for Matt to take the mound. He is one of the hardest working players I have had the privilege of coaching.

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