«It’s going to be a challenge

Newton won the NFL MVP and Offensive Player of the Year awards and earned All Pro recognition and his third Pro Bowl selection while leading the Carolina Panthers to the Super Bowl in 2015. Newton joined the Panthers as the No. 1 pick in the 2011 NFL Draft and was the league Offensive Rookie of the Year that season, when he became the first rookie to reach 4,000 passing yards.

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cheap jerseys ‘Wise Guy’ Biden Apologizes for ‘You Ain’t Black’ GaffeFormer Vice President Joe Biden apologized on Friday afternoon just hours after telling radio host Charlamagne Tha God that he «ain’t black» if he had additional questions about whether to support Biden’s presidential bid over Donald Trump’s.»I should not have been so cavalier. I’ve never, never, ever taken the African American community for granted,» Biden said on a call https://www.nbajerseyscheap2013.com with the Black cheap nfl jerseys Chamber of Commerce. «I shouldn’t have been such a wise guy.»Before Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee, addressed the remark, his campaign had moved quickly to clarify it, saying that he was speaking in jest.»The comments made at the end of the Breakfast Club interview were in jest, but let’s be clear about what the VP was saying: he was making the distinction that he would put his record with the African American community up against Trump’s any day. cheap jerseys

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