In 2007, Trump delivered what appears to be his first public praise of Romney. He said in an interview on CNN that Romney was one of the top three presidential candidates after Rudy Giuliani, for whom he hosted a fundraiser and is now Trump’s personal lawyer, and then wholesale jerseys from china Sen. John McCain..

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And unlike Obama, Trump is not taking America boot off the terrorists necks. The Post reports that the president has approved a new strategy that extends the military effort in Syria until a government acceptable to all Syrians is established and all Iranian military and proxy forces are driven out. Embassy to Jerusalem, which he recognized as the country capital something three of his predecessors promised, but failed, to do.

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Where do I wanna be? I kind of want to be in 3 places at once. I want to tour the world, I want to keep recording and writing as I go and just keep meeting people. It’s so much fun just saying ‘oooh, I’ll be in New York tomorrow, I wonder who’s around’.

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