Losartan (Cozaar) and telmisartan (Micardis) are angiotensin receptor blockers used to treat high blood pressure. Because they dock at the receptors the coronavirus uses to latch onto and enter cells, these drugs may prevent the virus from gaining a toehold or causing serious damage to the lungs. A pilot study of telmisartan at the University of Hawaii will test whether it decreases disease severity if used early in infection.

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That sounds like super simple. How easy is that? Obviously, I’m being entirely facetious there. That is a lot of work. Emergency responders went door to door early Tuesday warning residents living near the Edenville Dam of the rising water. Some were able to return home, only to be told to leave again following the dam breach several hours later. The towns of Edenville, Sanford and parts of Midland have been evacuated, according to Selina Tisdale, spokeswoman for the city of Midland..

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