Nurse saw an opportunity to sneak in a line change, which would have been a good move had any of his teammates been prepared. Instead, Connor McDavid tried to beat two opponents at the blueline and turned the puck over; meanwhile, the defensive end of the bench was entirely unprepared for a quick change. Eventually, Adam Larsson clambered over the boards to join Bear but was hopelessly behind the play which raced up the penalty box side of the ice on an odd man rush that was quickly turned into a goal.

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College officials announced on March 31 that it would be postponing its Spring 2020 commencement exercises scheduled for May 19 due to COVID 19. School officials say that if a reschedule date is not possible, students who would have walked during the May 19 commencement will be invited to participate in the Fall 2020 Commencement Ceremony on Friday, Dec. Their faculty and staff will still be on duty and ready to assist you where we can.

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