Carmelo did not travel with the team to Portland following their second straight devastating loss. Instead, he went back to New York to have his bothersome right knee drained in hopes the small procedure will return him to playing condition. Tyson Chandler also sat out with a contused knee, though he evidently decided to go against the grain and bore his injury on the left..

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«For us, it was an issue of being ethical early on,» Lewis says. The campaign ended their work with the firm in the second week of July, Lewis recalls. He made the ballot after collecting signatures with volunteers, with much of the work done outside of the Department of Motor Vehicles Inspection Station..

But the president and other Republicans are not done pushing for this. McCain’s vote is critical. But they still are putting pressure on other Senate Republicans, trying to get the votes that they need to pass what’s known as the Graham Cassidy bill..

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Doesn’t matter to me». Have Bible, will travel: Peyton Manning signs with Denver Broncos; team looking to trade quarterback Tim Tebow. Fame has its ups and downs: Director James Cameron of «Titanic» and «Avatar» fame unveils new submersible device, plans to dive to deepest point in ocean, almost seven miles down.

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