In addition, our reunion book numbers must be to the publisher no later than June 1st. Therefore, the committee will simply not be able to accept further reservations for the cocktail and dinner event at the Buffalo Launch Club after this date (June 1st). We therefore encourage your prompt response if you are planning to attend this event and have yet to remit a check to cover you and/or your guests attendance.

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As rightly said by my grandmother, are like monkeys, they imitate everything they see So imitating Lord Rama or Arjuna comes from the instinct of children to imitate. But I wonder why is nobody ever mentioning about the online games that kids play and get mentally involved so much that losing the game gives them sheer hopelessness and winning gives them addiction? They get trapped in the game like a bird in the cage. Isn’t that what media, parents and teachers should be more bothered about?.

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