I had a 7 figure income when I retired from my residential remodeling construction company 20 years ago (Cook Bros.), which I still own passively now. I even have a law degree, but that does not stop me for even a second, from snaking a toilet or crawling into a spider hole of a 85 year old dirt crawlspace, or whatever other dirty work needs to be done on one of our units. It is FAR easier to do it yourself (DIY), all things considered, than dealing with trades and employees and subcontractors! Money savings aside, it is easier, and usually more efficient to DIY.

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Preparing for Temporary Additional Duty to JapanAlthough having a great time off duty on Taiwan, I hated my job and made the mistake of going over my supervisor’s head in trying to get other work. When my boss found out about this action, he was furious and assigned me to the worst job in the office. I was now essentially a «flunkie» who only made coffee and waited on officers and senior enlisted people all day.

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It was my decision, in counsel with McCarthy, Reed said. Said, you are doing it hasn been good enough. If it was good enough, you would have been called up by now. In this April 30 2020, photo, provided by John H. Sweet, a little free library sits in Bend, Oregon. Across the United States, volunteers are reporting a jump in usages of official and unofficial tiny popup libraries as readers look to pass the time amid COVID 19 health restriction.

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