Although Facebook and Instagram users are familiar with adverts, they are able to scroll past, without heavily impact on their user experience. Whereas the Snapchat adverts flash before the user, having to proactively close the advert themselves. Therefore becoming intrusive and distracting.

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EMBARGOED TO 1600 MONDAY MAY 18Undated handout file photo issued by Nasa of a Hubble Space Telscope image of Mars. Mud flows exposed to the low atmospheric pressures and temperatures on Mars behave in a similar way to lava flows in Hawaii, study suggests. PA Photo.

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Will Bitcoinization result in loss of control by governments over their currencies? Possibly. Bitcoin could certainly continue to grow alongside fiat currencies (the term we use for government issued currencies) for many years and not necessarily impinge on government control of those currencies. This could happen if people continue to view Bitcoin as basically digital gold, a store of value rather than a unit of exchange.

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China average annual growth during the 21 year period from 1995 to 2015 was about 10 percent growth per year. There a good trick for getting a feel for how fast anything is growing, called the Rule of 72. Just divide the growth rate into 72 and that gives the doubling rate.

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