Very unfortunate that I going to have to move on professionally, Karlsson said. Don think I ever, in my wildest imagination, ever thought that I would leave this place, but unfortunately we here under these circumstances. Said he had been working on this deal for a long time and felt the timing was right.

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It wasn’t until a few years later that I really understood what I was actually seeing. My dad took me to the public library one afternoon and I spotted this book with cover art that resembled what I was seeing all around the city. The book was called Subway Art.

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Set WeatherWhen The Oregonian first hit the streets on Dec. 4, 1850, people didn’t have to guess where the paper would stand on political issues. The then weekly paper, which focused more on advocacy than news, announced it would support the policies of the Millard Fillmore administration and the principles of the Whig Party «so long as they tend to produce results beneficial to the interest of the country at large, and to foster and protect the agricultural and commercial interests of Oregon.» Emblazoned on the front page was the motto «Equal Rights, Equal Laws, Equal Justice to All Men.»The Whig party soon collapsed.

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