«I think you’re the all time example of finding a way to enjoy the grind,» Cousins said. «A great example to a guy like me. At times people tell me just go have fun, and I’m thinking, ‘I have the weight of the world on my shoulders and I have to deliver.’ If anything I take it too seriously and I have to remind myself that seriousness is not a virtue.

Project SEARCH Graduates In Virtual CommencementAccording to Lindsey Sidera, Project SEARCH coordinator and instructor, each graduate overcame various obstacles in order to successfully graduate, whether learning a new job task, computer skills, or many of the various life skills taught at Project SEARCH. When asked what each graduate will bring to the workforce, Sidera said the following: Niasia will be bringing her can do attitude and willingness to learn to her future employer. James will be bringing his work ethic and ability to adapt to any situation to his future employer..

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Mitchell improved in his second NBA season and remained a face of the franchise and a community fixture. He’s known to attend college football and basketball and has become one of the foremost ambassadors of Utah among professional athletes who ever have played here. Mitchell also addressed fan behavior, endorsing the words of team owner Gail Miller and writing, «When we all stand up and speak up, change happens.».

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