Some of his earliest memories are of riding shotgun in a flatbed pickup, tagging along as his father delivered mattresses. He met attorneys and physicians and judges and police officers, and saw how easily his father interacted with them all. James Perez wasn’t just along for the ride he was absorbing lessons that he would use later in his own life, even if he was too young to realize it at the time..

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Department of Education. Today we rank the 25 richest in the nation based on that same data. Figures were obtained from the schools mandatory gender equity filings and pertain to the fiscal year 07/01/15 to 06/30/16. On Tuesday, Republicans released a January 2017 memo that Susan Rice, President Barack Obama’s national security adviser, wrote to herself. It documented a sensitive conversation about Flynn and his Russian contacts that she participated in earlier that month with Obama and then FBI Director James Comey. Grenell declassified the full memo after Republicans requested it..

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