Police on horseback move down a street during a riot following the Vancouver Canucks being defeated by the Boston Bruins in the NHL Stanley Cup Final in Vancouver, British Columbia, Wednesday, June 15, 2011. Angry, drunken revelers ran wild Wednesday night after the Vancouver Canucks’ 4 0 loss to Boston in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals, setting cars and garbage cans ablaze, smashing windows, showering giant TV screens with beer bottles and dancing atop overturned vehicles. (AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Ryan Remiorz).

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No one believed the small possibility that the Panthers would be able to score at least four more times in the remaining few minutes and I stopped stressing about the game altogether knowing the win was ours. In one moment, I was yelling at Brandon to support him as he tried to get the puck from his opponent and just a second later, I felt my heart drop to my stomach. I held my breath and felt myself getting pale as the fear took over me completely.

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