She doesn’t know how online school would go

That isn reality. Zero dust buildup. In terms of access to solar flux, there are a lot of advantages to being in orbit. The directives it has given to the society are also addressed to individuals who are fulfilling their responsibilities as the rulers of Muslims. Hence, it is baseless to think that a state also has a religion and there is a need to Islamise it through an objectives resolution and that it must be constitutionally bound to not make any law repugnant to the Quran and Sunnah. People who presented this view and were successful in having it implemented actually laid the foundations of a permanent division in the nation states of these times: it gave the message to the non Muslims that they are in fact second rate citizens who at best occupy the status of a protected minority and that if they want to demand anything from the real owners of the state they must do this in this capacity of theirs..

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