They had a rink in the back yard of the family home in western Canada. «We’re fanatical about hockey,» Dan says.One of Dan’s hockey teammates from the University of Alberta, Rick Carriere, kept an eye on young Jay’s performance. He had first seen the kid at a Christmas party when Carriere was dressed as Santa and «along came to sit on Santa’s knee.» Dan brought his son to the rink to skate at alumni functions, and Carriere noticed how effortlessly and fast the boy skated backward.

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In 1962, ownership transferred to that of a Chicago based group, who immediately went on the hunt for a larger television market to move the club to. Atlanta was the hot ticket, as the city built a brand new stadium in just over one year in order to attract a team to their locale. The Braves took the bait, and bid adieu to Milwaukee after 1965.

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You deal with pressure and stress. But there is nothing you would not do in order to step foot on that ice to play the greatest game in the world. It is a part of you and you a part of it. To access Office privacy settings, open any Office app and go toSettings > Privacy Settings. So if you decide to turn off experiences that analyze your content on your Windows desktop computer, for example, the next time you sign in to a Microsoft 365app on your phone that setting will be applied there as well. If you turn it back on on the phone, the next time you sign into a Microsoft 365 app on the desktop, it will be turned back on there as well.

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