The ACL can be injured in many ways. The most common is a combination of bending the knee and forced rotation of the lower leg. Also common is force applied to the outside of the leg pushing inward, such as a clipping injury. With backup Teddy Bridgewater filling in, the Saints (7 1) had won all five games since Brees’ ulnar collateral ligament surgery on Sept. 18. But Coach Sean Payton said during the past week that the 40 year old Brees had been medically cleared and that there were no misgivings about playing the NFL’s all time leading passer as soon as he felt ready..

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If the mission lifts off and Crew Dragon reaches orbit, NASA TV will show it docking to the space station, its hatch opening, and Behnken and Hurley joining the ISS crew. The agency’s official TV channel also maintains a full and constantly updated schedule of its programming. ET via its YouTube channel.

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