It’s designed to be fully adjustable, so the cradle for your iPhone is connected via a ball socket that allows for any angle and both the clamp and arm can be adjusted and then tightened when you find your preferred position. The cradle has feet on the bottom with soft rubber padding to keep your phone safe and two arms with a spring mechanism that’s just enough to hold your iPhone securely, but still allows for quick and easy removal. There’s also a lever on the back for releasing the suction cup, and you can wash it to renew its effectiveness.

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Cut the copper pipe into 24″ lengths. Clean the ends of each section and the insides of each fitting before assembling with either solder or two part epoxy. All of the connection points must be cleaned before soldering or gluing to ensure a strong bond.

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If we make everything genetic or biological, there is nothing to be done about depressed preteens. Just give them some drug to maintain them so their «biological condition» doesn’t do them in. Hence we avoid the real problem, faulty parenting and a culture that is in denial and at odds and unable to solve not only parenting problems but all the problems that are besetting us, such as global warming..

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