Columbia has unusual mental health legislation. The law allows for involuntary committals to get around the lack of services, said Krista James, national director of the Canadian Centre for Elder Law. Wife is right to question whether he should be moved.

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A man named Mike claimed feeling «dizzy and ill» when standing near a certain group of tombstones and then feeling better as he moved away from them. The feelings would return if he got close to the graves again. A woman at a different time also described this feeling.

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On Feb. 10, 1942, the mighty Boston Bruins, the defending Stanley Cup champions, whipped the Montreal Canadiens 8 1 in a game overshadowed by the Second World War. Boston’s top line childhood friends Milt Schmidt, Woody Dumart and Bobby Bauer, all from the neighbouring Ontario cities of Kitchener and Waterloo recorded 11 points (three goals, eight assists) in their final National Hockey League game for the duration of the war.

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