The Gregg Popovich led San Antonio Spurs surpassed

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NEW BREMEN The visiting Cavaliers clinched at least a share of the Midwest Athletic Conference title, going 8 0 in conference games. Jake Hemmelgarn had two hits and an RBI and Myles Blasingame had a pair of hits also for Coldwater. Mitchell Hayes and Bryce Blickle each had a hit and an RBI for New Bremen..

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cheap jerseys nba Set WeatherSix coaches, five general managers and dozens of different players cycled through the Portland Trail Blazers organization from 1983 2003. But one thing remained constant during the 21 season span:Come April, there was always playoff basketball in Portland.»The Portland franchise is one of the best in the league and our fans are terrific,» said Bucky Buckwalter, who spent 22 years working for the Blazers and was the team’s vice president of basketball operations from 1986 92. «We always felt like we wanted to put out the best product that we could on the floor and do the best we could every year without having to start all over.»Up until two seasons ago, the Blazers held the record for consecutive playoff berths among NBA teams since the NBA/ABA merger in 1976.The Gregg Popovich led San Antonio Spurs surpassed the Blazers’ mark last spring when they earned their 22nd consecutive playoff berth, the longest active playoff streak in any major North American sports league. cheap jerseys nba

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