READ MORE: «It seems like quite a positive step that the university is currently considering,» Mr Day said. «I think it really important that the university continues to consult federal and territory government to make sure the proper safety precautions are in place. «Beyond that [the university should be] putting in safety precautions that the university community are happy with.» Mr Day said that the university potentially opening would be beneficial for some students who do not have adequate resources at home for remote learning.

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canada goose coats on sale I saw it online and in social media,» Beattie said on Sky News.»The reality is the decision was right, as Graham Annesley the head of football has pointed out.»So they got it right and I understand the controversy and I understand how Canberra fans feel about it.»We shouldn’t forget the fact that the Roosters and Trent Robinson have done a magnificent job in winning back to back [premierships] and Ricky Stuart, the coach of the Raiders, what a class act.»He took it on the chin, he congratulated the referees. I think what Ricky Stuart did was a role model for the game.»»I would never be a referee. There are a lot of things you do in life that make you unpopular being in government’s one but there’s one thing I wouldn’t be and that is a referee,» he said.»You know how tough that is. canada goose coats on sale

Canada Goose Outlet With AP, ReutersApril 11 2019 6:20PMBlack hole revealed in stunning world first imageUntil now, black holes had only been confirmed indirectly by scientists. They are so dense that nothing, not even light, can escape their gravitational pull, making them exceptionally difficult to observe.»We have an image of something so far away and so big that Einstein would never even have dreamed something could exist and yet it does, using the ideas he had for it,» Professor Schmidt said.The black hole is about 6 billion times the mass of our sun. Its «event horizon» the boundary or point of no return where light and matter get swallowed into the hole is as big as our entire solar system.Professor Schmidt admitted he was sceptical of the project, known as the Event Horizon Telescope when it began in 2012, given the mammoth task ahead.»I thought they’d be lucky if they ever got an image a quarter as good as what they got but sometimes science [makes progress] faster than what you think,» he said.»You needed the whole world to work together.»The picture was made with equipment that detects wavelengths invisible to the human eye, so astronomers added colour to convey the ferocious heat of the gas and dust, glowing at a temperature of perhaps millions of degrees.At the ANU, «blackhole hunter» Christian Wolf said his own team was searching the universe for black holes which are growing, as these are ablaze with light.But most black holes are dormant and cast only a shadow against the darkness of space, including the supermassive at the centre of our own Milky Way galaxy.»That strikes me as one of the hardest pictures to take, ever,» he said of the image.Astrophysicist Brad Tucker said it would allow scientists to directly measure how black holes affect gravity and time.»I never thought we would be able to see something that has been so mysterious,» he said.Twenty nine year old computer scientist Katie Bouman was behind the algorithm that made the project possible Canada Goose Outlet.