On a Sunday. I’d spent the entire day in my pajamas, only leaving my bed to venture into the bathroom (because obviously) and the kitchen (even more obviously) as I embarked on yet another lazy evening stewing in the blissful awareness of my singleness. In retrospect, it was like training for this self quarantine..

Mookie Betts: The Red Sox right fielder and leadoff man is the likely MVP of the league, but he hit just.188 against the Yankees in the ALDS, with just one extra base hit, a double, dropping him to a.238 batting average,.333on base percentage and.333slugging percentage in 11career postseason games. In particular, against Yankees starter CC Sabathia in Game 4, he missed some pitches he typically destroys. The Red Sox need him to set a tone, get on base and do all the things he has done all season..

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