Today I was able to pull a little magic there in the

He a run of the mill player. Why bring in a 20th man for your roster who comes with this kind of baggage? But this much we do know based on history: If Leipsic were a significant player, the Washington Capitals would have handled this differently. That the rub here.

6. Canton (4 0): This is a team that spreads the ball around well and that has done a nice job utilizing its multiple weapons. The defense also is receiving nice contributions throughout the unit and wholesale nfl jerseys is among District 4 leaders with four sacks. Raul Mondesi was a washout, Nick Johnson a promising disappointment, Rondell White a cipher, Shane Spencer a corrosive. Some will return; others will not. If the Yankees can trade White and Mondesi even if it means paying parts of their 2003 salaries they will, and will spend the remainder on our friend Godzilla, the Japanese slugger Hideki Matsui.

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