The Philly based company, which had built a reputation for providing folks with quick, easy and completely unnecessary fixes of beer, condoms, rolling papers, bongs, nerd ropes you name it is perfectly positioned to become an «essentials» service amid the pandemic. Perhaps unsurprisingly, goPuff has seen a notable increase in customer demand in recent weeks, says spokesperson Liz Romaine. And it turns out the company isn’t just providing the Philly community with snacks and sex toys.

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«The one thing that kind of is a bummer is some of our starters were throwing the ball so well,» Callaway said. «[Dylan] Bundy was probably better than he’s been in a long time, according to himself, so that kind of stinks. But I think that if they continue to throw off the mound and stay ready, then we can just pick that back up.».

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States and local governments have been attempting to weigh the risks of allowing businesses to reopen with the economic devastation brought about by the pandemic. Another 2.4 million people workers filed jobless claims last week, according to a government report out Thursday, bringing the total claims to nearly 39 million in nine weeks. And more than 93,800 deaths from COVID 19, the disease caused by the virus, according to John Hopkins University..

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