«Excited?» «Not really,» replied Steve. «We going to see the oldest rainforest in the world! It older than the Amazon.» I hadn known Australia had any rainforest before I planned this trip, let alone such a distinguished one. «I don know if we going to see very much,» Steve replied.

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cheap canada goose uk «They are breaking down a major barrier to EV adoption in Australia the availability of chargers.»June 15 2018 6:36PMAt least 40 new electric vehicle charging stations for ACT, NSWBlake FodenAt least 40 new electric vehicles charging stations are to be rolled out across the ACT and NSW as part of a $10 million network that aims to break down the barriers to electric vehicle adoption.TheNational Roads and Motorists’ Association is rolling out the network, and announced on Friday that it had chosen Brisbane company Tritium to supply the new charging stations.Darryl Bourke, with his Tesla electric vehicle, is happy new charging stations will appear in the ACT and NSW. Photo: Elesa KurtzOnce complete, the NRMA network will be the largest in Australia, and will ensure 95 per cent of journeys across NSW and the ACT are within 150km of a fast charge outlet.Campbell man Darryl Bourke, who drives a Tesla Model S 75D, said this would make long trips much more convenient and hopefully encourage more people to switch to electric vehicles.»The first things people always ask about electric vehicles are ‘where can you charge’, ‘how long does it take’ and ‘how far can you go?’,» Mr Bourke said.»There’s definitely a barrier [to adoption] in people’s minds.»A man charges his electric car at a Tritium fast charging station. Photo: SuppliedMr Bourke said he had driven all the way to the Northern Territory in his electric car without any issues, but he said having extra charging stations would make the logistics of such a long trip easier.»You have to plan ahead to make sure there’s somewhere to charge, and [the new charging stations] will make a big difference in regional NSW, where there are some big gaps in the network,» he said.The new fast chargers will allow drivers to fully charge their vehicles to 80 per cent within 30 minutes on average.NRMA members will be able to use them for free, and non members for $2.»It’s also got to be good for towns in regional NSW because you’re not just getting petrol and then shooting off again,» Mr Bourke said cheap canada goose uk.