Sedona’s BiographySedona Arabella Miller was born in February of 1877 in the area that would become Gorin, Missouri. Many people asked Sedona’s mother, Amanda Miller, where the unusual name came from, and Amanda always said that she had made the name up. Sedona took the name of «Dona» which most people called her, all her life.

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During the 1980 the Bahamas Bodybuilding Federation introduced the sport of Power lifting. We were all encourage by the President of the Federation to learn the lifts and compete. I was really not interested in the Power lifting, but I was good at it.

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It happened on March 27, 2019. India, not the country I would have expected, completed a test in which they launched a ballistic missile to intercept and destroy one of their own dead satellites that was orbiting at about 300 km (186 mi) above the earth. It sounds simple enough, but it became quite complicated.

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