I can’t explain my excitement when I saw my first earnings, a whole two cents. I’m not kidding when I say I was excited. I even took a picture so that years from now I can recall my humble beginnings. That is go to college, get the best job you can, and then buy a house. I became a lawyer and then after a couple of years I went I guess it is time to buy that house now, this was 2005 in Los Angeles, towards the top of the last bubble. Even though I had a six figure salary, I could not afford a house in a decent neighborhood in LA because.

Building an online business is a hard job. There will be times that you will start to doubt of whether or not your endeavors and hard work mill come into fruition. But do not let that get to you. Vendors should be encouraged to use single service items whenever possible, especially for condiments and similar foods. Social distancing must be maintained in dressing rooms and other common areas. No congregating in these areas may be allowed.

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