The 1970 71 Blazers were a motley crew of established NBA players, castaways picked up in the expansion draft and rookies. Todd had the group play an up tempo style that he hoped would entertain fans and tire out opponents. Portland averaged 115.5 points per game that season, fourth best in the NBA.

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I know we all feel frustrated in our time, wondering when the many sacrifices of the pandemic will end. We look out of place with our masks? do I have to keep reminding you that no one can see us? read about the 1930s depression, he said. Streets look deserted.

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The pair first met on a blind date in 2012 and immediately hit it off. Soon after, Jack moved into Lena’s Brooklyn home and they own a dog together. Jack previously presented Lena with a special ‘friendship ring’ back in 2016. So, apparently in our modernistic approach for child rearing «authenticity», it turns out there is a market for human breast milk. However, for a mother seeking the best for her child, it is impossible to know whether artificial milk or unidentified breast milk is healthier. The FDA certainly does not have the time or funds to step in..

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