I know some of you would love to read all the details about the physical problem, but I not going to share them. As a Christian Scientist, I immediately reached out to a Christian Science practitioner, and spent days in solid prayer. I did see my eye doctor (the one who prescribes my contacts) on the third day, and she was concerned.

Although they operate under legal agreements called compacts with the state, the Oneida casinos are not strictly bound by Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s orders concerning what can open or remain closed during the pandemic. The Oneidas noted they were the state’s first casino operator to shut down, voluntarily, when they ceased operations in March..

Two main answers were proposed by economists in the 1980s. According to the first «carrot» approach, lenders are able to obtain repayment because they are able to promise renewed lending, or more «carrots», in the future if the debt is repaid. This is a reputational based approach.

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Star Tribune journalists strive to approach their jobs through the difficult professional discipline of objectivity or impartiality. It is important to us that sources and readers feel their points of view will be fairly and completely portrayed. For that reason, we avoid participating in public displays that reveal partisan sentiments, such as protests, social action and politics.